Private Photo & Video Sharing

62 Ratings
Must have
by JetJackson1
This is the best way to share my photos hands down. It's private, simple, and the design is just beautiful. One of my favorite apps.
Effortless Photo Sharing
by Barple
This app is super easy to use. It's like Apple came up with a photo sharing feature that actually makes sense. You scroll through the camera roll and tap on each photo you want to share... That's all! If you don't like a photo you shared just tap it again and it's no longer being shared.
Great App!
by Olympic mom
I use Pear everyday to share photos of my daughter playing soccer with my sisters and all of my family. It's the perfect app that makes sharing photos so easy! Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to share photos from their camera roll with close people in their life
the new photo sharing app
by dre doggg
it's great for sharing photos with just your close friends. I hate the fact that Facebook puts out your photos for everyone to see. I just want an app for sharing life photos with my close buds and this is it! it's like an extension of my photo gallery.
Brilliantly designed and easy to use
by Brennon aka Thor
I use Pear daily, or rather, hourly. Pear has achieved something no other social app has: lightning fast and easy photo sharing. I'd mostly given up trying to upload photos from my phone to Facebook, their mobile app is a joke. Instead, I'd email the photos to myself, download them on my PC, and post them from my desktop; a really labor-intensive process. Pear takes that process and makes it instant. Pear is a must have for anyone with friends.
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Private photo & video sharing like you've never experienced before.

Imagine if you could just tap a photo or video from your camera roll and it would be instantly shared with your friends and family. With Pear, you can do just that. Tap again, and it's unshared. It's that easy. Shared photos and videos simply appear in your stream. No select buttons, progress bars, or loading graphics; it just works.

Pear is much like looking into your friend's camera roll and seeing all their shared photos and videos, just as you would if they were on your own device. Let's say you were on a trip, at a party, or hanging out with some friends - their shared photos and videos seamlessly merge with yours. This way you get to experience it all from various perspectives blended together in a time-based collage.

Best of all, Pear is completely private, so you specify who you'd like to share with. In fact, the users’ privacy, ownership and control of their content is at the core of the Pear philosophy. On Pear, your photos and videos will always be yours, and only you control who gets to view them.

Pear takes photo and video sharing back to basics. It’s a simple, intuitive and elegant way to share photos with your friends and family, without all the noise of social networks.

New Features

New in Pear 2.1

Pull To Refresh
Now available on the Stream and Likes page

Double-Tap to Share/Like
Works in Landscape mode too!

Push Notifications
When your friend shares photos or videos, that push notification will take you right to their stream.

Simply scroll down, and the next set of photos appear automatically.

Notification Badges
Making sure you don't miss friend requests or likes!

Performance Enhancements
Making Pear smoother than ever!

New in Pear 2.0

Video Sharing!
Share videos just as easily as you'd share photos! (iOS6)

Masonry View
Stream shuffles all of your friends shared photos & videos in an elegant masonry view sorted by time taken.

Full Screen View
Navigation bars automatically get out of your way for a truly immersive experience.

Landscape View
Landscape photo/video view support. (iOS6)

Facebook Friends
You can use Facebook to find your friends on Pear.

iPhone 5 Support
Pear now takes advantage of the iPhone 5 performance, screen-size and camera.

Notification Smart Links
Tapping notifications take you to the respective section of the app.

Batch Notifications
Notifications are grouped together by type, person they're from, and separated by photo or video.

Apple TV Mirroring
Turn on your iOS 6 built-in Apple TV mirroring and enjoy Pear full screen on your TV!

Updated Interface
The new interface updates make for an even more elegant user experience.

Download the Pear App for iOS here:

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.